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Classic Cedar Strip Solo Canoe Patterns as Designed by Master Woodworker Henry A. "Mac" McCarthy, author of "Featherweight Boatbuilding".

Build your own Cedar Strip Canoe!

Welcome to Feather Canoes, the home of the Wee Lassie - a cedar strip canoe as designed, built and paddled by Henry A. "Mac" McCarthy. A simple yet elegant canoe, Mac designed the Wee Lassie so even the novice boat builder can build it. It is small enough to build in a limited space and you don't have to make a major investment in materials. The amount of work involved is not enough to make what should be fun into a chore. Plus, you will have a chance to experience the true satisfaction of building something really nice with your own two hands, and years of pleasure in using the little boat.

You can get started now by ordering Mac’s FeatherWeight Boatbuilding, which will show you how to build the Wee Lassie using the cedar strip method. The techniques you will learn can be used to build a wide variety of small boats. We also offer full size patterns for each of Mac’s boats, including the Wee Lassie, Wee Lassie 2, the Big Mac and Sairy Gamp. All patterns hand drawn by Mac.

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