The Big Mac
A small lightweight paddle canoe, that accommodates an occasional passenger, but mainly would be used as a double paddle canoe. 13.5' feet long. Good for the 200lb plus paddler.
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The Big Mac


If you want a small lightweight canoe that can accommodate an occasional passenger, but mainly can be used as a double paddle canoe, or for someone too heavy to enjoy a Wee Lassie, or Wee Lassie Two, then the Big Mac is for you.


The Big Mac is a good stable lightweight canoe, 13′ 2″ long with a 2′ 6.5″ beam. You can set it up with two conventional seats, or with one set low, as in the Wee Lassie.


The Big Mac is asymmetrical, as Mac preferred the stern section of the canoe to be fuller than the bow. This can really make a difference in shallow water. For fishing the grass flats for redfish and trout you can’t ask for a better craft.


If weight is a prime concern, the Big Mac can be built at around thirty pounds, but you have to work at it. We do not like to skimp on fiberglass cloth weight, or the number of coats of epoxy, but you can save a lot of weight by using soft wood on the rails rather than the heavier hard woods. Eliminating bulkheads, using short decks, all of these can save from five to six pounds. Makes a difference when you have to carry the canoe any distance.


This is a good looking, versatile canoe for the paddler over 200 lbs.


Length: 13′ 2″
Beam: 30.5″
Estimated Weight: 32 lb
Suggested Capacity: 275lbs


Big Mac Full Size Patterns
Includes measures and mold patterns hand drawn by Mac McCarthy.